"Space As Support: Andre Buren Irwin Nordman," University Art Museum, Berkeley, 1979

A lake in Geamana, Rosia Montana, has been contaminated by mining residuals. The water is polluted by copper and gold mining waste residuals, and the village, church, houses and the cemetery of Geamana are totally flooded by toxic red water.
Photo credit: Pal Szilagyi-Palko
by Mitoș Micleușanu

I love you.

photograph of marina ginestà, spanish civil war militant and member of the communist youth, barcelona, january 29, 1919

Sketch book joseph Loughborough
Violent intervention of riot police against fracking oposing population in Pungesti, Romania

Eames humor.

ninge vara, iar in casă cade varul din pereţi
partea ta cea mai frumoasă ai uitat să mi-o arăţi

fluturi pe asfalt, doina